December 2020..End of the year…Whew! Holiday with Style

I dont need to tell anyone about this year and all, and I do mean all the revelations that have tumbled in a long with it. As a lover of history, I must say, while there may be nothing new under the sun, there sure have been a lot tucked away.

In some cases, instead of having real dialogue to understand, there was a polarizing temperature that stayed in balance throughout out the twists and turns of this year. As the people of the world, we can chose to talk intelligently about the state of the world, we can disagree and know that we all have a right to or own opinions. It becomes oppressive when we dont operate in understanding and civility. I pray we heal from our generational traumas in the years to come. We are resilient each one, as amazing as trees! See below 🌱

I have always loved trees, I will tell the story another time. For now let’s talk trees for a minute.

Adversity, that is the world that comes to mind when I think of the sacret being of a tree. A nurturing, strong, steadfast ally in this life, yet treated with no regard by today’s society, and in most cases, yesterday’s society. Trees grow through eras, they have long range memories, and provide nutrients and habitat, that supports the world all around us.

Rainbow Eucalyptus, Australia.

The beauty and lore that trees have inspired for centuries, still are apparent today, but not very appreciated, as trees need habitats too, if they go, we do too. We have have a symbiotic relationship, but when cities turn into concrete jungles, it’s hard to stay connected.

All things are possible, through Christ Jesus!

Hopefully in time, we can regain our sacred relationship with our long standing ally, perhaps, we can decide, selfish, narcissistic, self centeredness will never do, perhaps we will nurture our relationships, so we can grow tall, and great, in adversity, as trees do so elegantly.

Speaking of trees, every year the holidays are a wonderful time to celebrate Jesus, and the line of Jacob, to celebrate the love of God, through our extended family, around the world.

Happy Holidays!

What is conversation, without a little depth? There is so much more to talk about this season. It’s humbling to know while some are gearing up for the holidays, others are dealing paying the rent, eating regularly, and trying to cope with loss suffered of the year. It’s hard to even think about celebrating, knowing it’s hard for so many, let’s keep everyone in our prayers, fore everyone is fighting for survival, whether it appears that way our not. From my heart to everyone of you.

Keep the faith, I pray you make it to your purpose, I pray, you win.
This includes, emotional clutter as well.

It’s really easy to let the holidays zap you, of your money, energy and time. To eat too much, drink too much. To be anxious at what you can and can’t afford, try to over do it.

Life doesn’t have to be this way, own your role to play, and don’t play the role of others. We may think we are doing people a favor, by picking up their slack, we are not. We are enabling them not to try, and slowly destroying ourselves with the need to be needed. The holidays can be great, if we just prioritize ourselves, yet do what we can, and show up when we must.

Gift ideas for the minimalist..

I will say this, it’s more important to give from the heart, then from wanting to be liked. Whether we are adulting and making it, or just getting by, this season can wipe out anyone’s bank account, but as I heard a business man say, December is time to look at the years failures, and create the futures promise. I have some gift ideas, that will help you curb your spending, yet give from the heart at the same time.

Rule 1. Come up with a theme

Cute and cozy for instance

Where you are giving the gift of a feeling of comfort, it’s a gift that will be appreciated more then you know. Also gift bags or baskets with goodies, beauty, and inspiration, what lady does not need that?

2. Personalize it!

If you know a person’s interests, support their cause, give them something that will add to what they already do. Chances are the gift will be a hit!

3.Don’t try to compete, stay authentic!

It’s always the little things, that are the best gestures, sometimes we think too hard, and we don’t have to. Keep it simple, and stay focused this season, by not gifting out of control.

I hope you enjoy my tips, may they work for you an amazing ways.

Foodie season…

Eastern Inpired.
Mediterranean induced with Spinach and other goodness.
Thai anyone? Yes!
Yes, please!
Taste the rainbow, it’s good for you!
Eat your greens.

I featured a few food ideas, that are both vegetable heavy, and international cuisine choices. I am a very much a foodie, that being said veggies are my jam. Remember food is medicine.

I hope you enjoyed the first addition of December inspirations and curated style. More to come, stay tuned.

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  1. Joanie says:

    Great ideas and pictures. Thank you for sharing

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    1. urbangypzy says:

      Thank you for reading my work🌻I appreciate you!


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