The Urban Suite Year End 2020

So style and allure is the tradition of the season, we dress our homes, and in the old days, we dressed up too. The idea of a time of parties and get together’s seem distant, yet no one can deny the extra attention paid to details around this holiday season is both dazzling and inspiring.

We see an opportunity to help those in need, or just be there more for our family members, a time when, being to showy with material goods, lacks the taste, when there is truly, so many in need.

The spirit of the holidays, the celebration of the birth of Jesus, makes for at least a time in the year, however short for some, a time to bit a bit more present, realizing, we are the present.

The time is beautiful for so many reason, and just when I thought, we wouldn’t get any snow Twin Cities, here it is. The beauty of snow for some yes, but for others another barrier in the season of evictions, and the inevitability of change, straight ahead. We do, have to truly, appreciate all that is given, whether we like it or not. We again await the Lord God to give us manna of grace to survive the psychosis.

May the Lord God bless and keep each one who comes across this post.

Fashionable and not without style.


I can’t emphasize this enough, that style and sufficiency is found in knowing who you are, it’s not about having a million items of clothes, it is about how a person narrates their every day. Self talk, the things we say to ourselves can be positive, can motivate us to grow freer in our own expression, if we believe in us, there is a dream come true.

Ok, now then there is food. Who doesn’t love food?

As mentioned before, this is a difficult time for many, I think there is hope, and people with excellent hearts, that are working on a solution to homelessness. Everyone deserves the dignity of having a space to call theirs, whether a temporary shelter or a wonderful invention, it is important to see that homelessness is a rampaging problem in our country. There are cities like Los Angeles, CA, then there are very cold in the winter Cities, like Minneapolis, MN.

I’d like to think that in the future will innovate more strongly in finding a solution for housing, that can be both accessible and affordable.

Anyone can help, no matter who, to reach out as a community member and give with a purpose, volunteer locally, give care packages, each little bit helps, and furthermore, getting the gift of perspective in these uncertain times, can assist us in being better examples to humanity. Remember be smart, think safe, always.

We are almost at the end of the year and I can go into the long list of what I’ve learned, but we will just say my cup runneth over with wisdom, dually assisted by recent events.

I learn not to complain sharply, if you can do something about what ever is worth complaining about, please do. In this era, every one has a struggle, and it is in know way up to us to add to it.

Be well…Until Next Time.

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