Curated Summer Style 2020

Summer days, when the heat sizzles, and the city comes live.

Vintage T and Big Hair

There is always beauty in simplicity. Summer style that is inspired by adding elements of your personality, making a statement without saying a word.

Current Mood

Keep it pretty, even if you have to be stuck around the house, sit pretty read a book and d drink some tea, and keep it fly, and never stop dancing.

A pop of yellow adds brilliants to any mood

Laid back, and in control

This season is inspired by a feminine mystic. There is elegance in loving the woman within. When she shows up she can’t help but shine. To all my sisters out there, family and friends.

This look is effortless but influential. The best way to arrive anywhere is to be prepared.

So, where ever you wander, find yourself, and enjoy every minute of who you are.

Frequent flyers, if you are always on the go, this look is for you. Non assuming, and versatile, from running errands, to walking on the beach. It is minimal, bold and fully of stylish details.

Please get up, get dressed and keep going, and if you don’t want to get dressed, purchase cute in the house clothes, or pajamas, stay fly, slay all day.

This heat inspires natural hair protective styles. Where are we going? Not a whole lot of places, invest your money wisely on a protective style. keep your head laid even on a rainy day, and don’t be out done by this summer heat.

What is your go to protective style?

Fro and Flora, what a wonderful combination. The peak toe shoes creates a classic, another example of effortless style.

When we get there, to that place of togetherness once again, it will be a great day, for all of us, all over the world.

Keep hope alive, create a travel log, journal your thoughts and stay connected, and this too shall past. In the meanwhile this off the shoulder deep raspberry dress is everything, and the fitted jeans, muted top and black leather boots brings a glint of rock soul.

Prints, pastel and peek toe shoes, leave the mainstream behind and find your own style.


I am a fan of a versatile heel, one or a few, that can be paired with several outfits and add the needed compliments, when it’s time to step out, make sure that you can walk comfortably in your shoes.

I am inspired by the low heel, and detail that add that extra flair yet a bit understated.

Inspired by the classic, and the need for versatility at the same time.

Instant Graphic

Throw back to patches on jeans and jean jackets to personalize your style, and add that extra flava.

Chic metallic tones dress up a casual look.

Fitted perfection, paired with Jean gives urban appeal to a classic outfit.

Lace and Romance: Life can be lived beautifully with charming boho touches.

Mixed prints, they have tops that are interchangeable with one another.

Those sleeves, let’s just be fly by accident with purpose everyday.

Corset gypsy styled. flowy dress. Yes please!

Own your style, capture your mood and create the world you want to see, by starting with you.

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