Self Care Summer 2020

I started feeling the week prior, really emotionally, and mentally exhausted. I felt bombarded by the fact that life has really become like the twilight zone, though we fake normal, It is apparent that we are not going back to the world we know before this year began

Recent Abstract, Inspired by Summer days and nights.

We can look at the world with either positive or negative eyes at this point, but we have keep going, we have to journey on. There is so much to deal with when you are at home day in and day out, the days morph into each other, you only go out for the basics, also the temptation to buy online, as there is so much time to see the styles and get to know the different brands. I am guilty on online purchases.  I have so far brought art supplies, gouache, ionic watercolor paint markers, and two water color canvas pads. I bought 3 pair of shoes from DSW, some kitten heels, and flats, in case we eventually do transition back to the office. I brought a leather jacket that will make me feel like a super hero in it, and I flat iron that I have thus far waited almost two months for. After spending 4 hours cleaning and organizing  my closet I realized that I don’t need another thing. I am trying to be a different version  of  a minimalist, I really want to have a tailored life, where things feel like me, with that being said, I feel for the most  part I have all the essentials I need, I really can start focus on   not shopping  and doing instead. �糘y��

My living room/ Urban Garden

What I mean by doing is I created a list of things to do this summer to make sure that I make excellent use of my time. I started reading “Wrapped In Rainbows”, the Zora Neale Hurston Autobiography. I have been ready Judges in the Bible, going slow through the chapters, and then returning after short breaks, it’s such rich material. I bought paint so I am going to do practice studies using gouache and my water color pins to make a series of paintings by the end of summer. I also want to spend more time writing different material, more stories, and as much as possible work dancing as well, when ever possible and most all of the time. I have my urban garden that I am doing my best to maintain. I have lost a few pots, some are thriving, others I had to pull them back from the brink of dryness, or over-watered conditions. They are my children now, I talk to them and sing to them and often give them a full concert performance, they deserve it they are good plants. Also, my man gave me the best towels and linen a girl could ever had which made my bathroom a spa experience and my bedroom hotel quality. I sleep well and understand completely why thread count matters.

More babies.
Mood Arteza!
Trying that bee medium, gouache
To all the friends I haven’t met yet. Thank you for coming through and showing love.

Skin care and diet, I spend time experimenting on food ideas, I eat pretty healthy, but I sometimes need to be creative with how to make  healthy meal, I am less on meats these days, and when I do eat I prefer lamb or goat, Thai peanut, and will stick to those options if I am ever ordering in.

More color stories
Did you know the gut and the mind are connected? That’s why we are what we eat.

All this to say, I had to prepare to be in the house, but I also had to make sure that I am drinking enough water, not drinking to much wine, staying balance in conversations between friends and family, and also protecting my peace, because I need it, there is just to much crazy in this world not to defend one’s peace. I had to convince myself that I can shop, but only get things that will have use and value. Also, when it comes to closet, and the pocket. I had to go in my closet and pull out my in the house outfits, and for summer it’s perfect, I can wear these close and they are comfy shorts, or light summery pants tank tops and comfy dresses. Working from home can be uninspiring, but I keep my summer clothes on deck. I only wear jeans if I am headed out of the house, and I will go to my ripped jean collection with a t- shirt and simple jewelry, except my rings which I never take off. I am going to do a post ring culture. I am excited to introduce it to the world. I have slides that are my go to, and eastern inspired slides that have ventilation for the shoe in it’s design. I have turned by summer style into a capsule wardrobe, and I have simplified by beauty routine, no make up, just a ton of tea tree oil, after a sugar facial scrub. I have to get around to doing a mask more in the evenings, I at times depending on if I danced that night will be too tired to go the mile with a face mask.

Me, I smile with my eyes

Simple and even simpler, every day I have to do something creative, like write or draw, dance, read, or clean, that is definitely on rotation, and there is more of an emphasis on one over the other depending on the day.

I saw this, and thought how fitting, for times as strange as this.

Through it all, I have to stay positive and give my energy to things that can help me to develop into my best self, regardless of the madness of this world, I stay motivated by fighting for my mental health in such a way that I stay busy, and inspired, I stay prayed up, and balanced.

The other week I was so stressed it started to affect my health, I was a bit lonely though I was having conversations, I felt so out of the loop, like I was drifting in time. I met some of my neighbors, also  black American, Ethiopian, and such, we are so different, yet we are bonded by the surreal nature of this experience. Even in spite of color, the world has been shell shocked, and everybody looks like it. Relationships are being tested, mind states beliefs, there is so much challenging conversation that are being had all at once. I imagine that it could be easy to drown or get swallowed whole by the over saturation of the media  propaganda non neutral journalism and YouTube’s who are doing a better job at telling the news then trusted media sources. It no doubt, is a stressful time, for everyone at the same time. This is unreal and totally unusual, but it is happening.

The scare tactics are beyond creepy, and they are the one’s who get to say .

I try to stay positive thinking about recipes, good wines, or liqueurs, coffees, I try to buy myself flowers and fruits, like frozen grapes in summer, great healthy and hydrating. Apple juice and shredded wheat cereal. Fiber is important,  especially if your activity has slowed down. Ways to counter act stress in the gut- I eat Oui yogurt, and keep Pellegrino on deck. Ug�����


Stretching after a long day is also relaxing, doing leg exercises, and keeping my space tidy has really made being out home comfy and inviting. Early in the summer when I invested in my urban garden, I was not aware how long the lock down would be, having a little out doors in doors, makes me feel like I am in a hotel at some resort, the apartment  is off of  Franklin Avenue and sirens are always going off from emergency vehicles as they speed down the street. That is why bubble baths, headphones, music, or getting lost in a great documentary, film or animated tale, really helps me to relax, unwind and write or paint. I do not have to be on social media, I can write my own content and just get wrapped up in the content that I am trying to see, instead of the commentary that we are stuck with, so uninspiring.

Stay tuned, see you soon.

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