Ring Culture 2020

Rings, rings and more rings!

I have always been a ring wearer. I got my first ring, it was a small silver turtle ring. In my opinion, ring culture is more then a fetish for shining things, it is culture re emerging out of the commercial culture, or recently created culture. So with adornments we take ourselves back and don’t blend into clones of what or who the image all around us try to convince us to be. We define ourselves for ourselves, and what better way to show it, then with ring style.

There is the costume jewelry aspect of the dress, an over dramatic, haughty, style of rings that look good with cocktail dresses. They also can bring glamour to t-shirt and jeans, but do compliment with cute shoes. Some of us have a flair for the dramatic, if that is who you are, when your Oscar.

There are rings to express every mood, vibe, or distinction.

Moonstones and feathers are found in a lot of different cultures around the world. Those that are into stones know that they do carry a specific energy, and all of them have a historical back story. Don’t be afraid to research your stone, if you have, keep or wear them.

Owning one’s own culture and representation is very empowering. Cowrie shell in rings is not only stylish it represents value. As do other images and symbols often found in West African cultures, such as what is represented above.

Gold! There are era’s in rings, you can tell a lot about the era of a ring by its design. In every era, gold is king.

Nature leaves behind interesting patterns, behind a pattern an oxidation and geologic story awaits. Cheers to the metal smith’s that locate stones with a story to tell.

Geometric simplicity. This is chic and minimal, even 3 rings seem unimposing. They still have a stone theme. Moonstone, shell, quartz, more iridescent type of stones. Very spiritual and other wordly.

This is an old to B-girl culture. It has a personal place in my heart, though I do not rock with the music of this era, I always bump the classics, and remember the culture that inspired the style.

Kings and Queens! Jewelry that reminds us that world history carried the greatest stories, most yet to be told.

Heirloom, this jewelry travels down generations, and not often purchased straight out. I see ladies who wear these rings wear them for years, they often come from mothers or grandmothers. Or mother types.

I am a bazaar, antique shop, festival, or international market type of lady, I have always loved Navajo influenced jewelry. In fact, I mostly wear Navajo and Zuni rings. This Southwestern style pictographs is etched with symbolism, also worthy of research.

I just purchased the malachite triangle to add with my Navajo rings. I treasure hunting at thrift stores a lot, more to come on that. Thank you for joining me, until next time.

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