Mood #style 7/2020

I am in the mood to talk about style, the whole reason why I loved style because it’s natural, it comes with the character and is always the best in show. There will always be profound feats about as long as the earth spends. I can’t help what I love ya’ll, if I get a little bit of time I am always going to have to say what is on my mind, and since the earth is still spinning we can talk about the art of life and style

The art of life is important, go tell a friend, because it helps us to see life beautifully.

So, let’s talk about it, I am a minimalist, but not as one would view on T.V. I like beautiful, poetic environments that echoes gospel, soul, and jazz, off top. I am inspired by international fashion, culture and style, because I have an international family of friends. I love to talk about the story of life wardrobe, back drop and all. So, you will see that I will introduce decor, style, food, and the medicine inside natures treats, and whatever is presented that month that is the story. I love it is fun for me, I have learned to see each month like a character in its own right. Since writing this blog, it is funny, as a writer it is as if being constantly dialed in, trying to study to be aware of style, fashion and social commentary, happenings and events. It has become another full-time job to develop this platform, and it is really growing me in such a time as this. I hope you enjoy the features, they are curated and molded with love.


What is the story of July, the two faced season, that is also the season of critical thinking and preparation? A time of study and also a time of self-care, it is important to feel rejuvenated after a long wait, a long process. Imagine, at the end of all this, becoming a butterfly, and realizing that your wings are crazy fly, and you can go wherever your heart leads you. That is why we have to do the work to search our hearts for our personal truth. Our heart can lead us into some uncomfortable rooms, but if it is where we were sent to be, then it’s your moment and the time is now.

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