Mid-year Review 2020

The city is now at rest, the horrors of past weeks still seal businesses in wood over window treatments. A man laid to rest in a gold coffin, and the echo of his daughter explaining that her daddy changed the world. George Floyd was one of the many murdered at the hands of the police, while complying with what was asked only to witness a man not read his Miranda rights, get killed worse then anyone would treat an animal on the street. The trauma that was given through images stand as a reminder of America’s very bleak history and the direction that is going to be needed to move forward into the days of the future.

COVID-19 named an “invisible” enemy, and it no doubt is and was, since the very beginning the virus had taken life away from families and friends, co -workers and even out of routines like commuting to and from work. We have been sheltered in place having to expand on the gifts and talents that we never could find time for, to actually spend hours developing skills, or lazing about, either way everyone able to feel real deeply with a since of urgency, themselves, ourselves..

It was hard for people, more then who will admit it, to survive financial challenges during a pandemic took those who courageously, and with tenacity made a way to feed their families and pay their rent, and keep food on their tables, who thought about their kids and stayed healthy through the storm, even those who did not make it through, my heart goes out to the families that were affected by this horrible virus, and I pray for the strength of everyone.

2020 came in like a lion and stayed, the first tragedy of this year that hit the whole world was the death of famed basketball player, coach, business owner and ambassador Kobe Bryant. He was a young man that plenty of us in this world watched rise to fame since the late 1990’s. He was well admired and at young age was able to join ranks with some of the most legendary players in the NBA. He will be missed dearly, he gave all he had in every game and his work out and training ethic was to be admired. My heart goes out to hi s friends and family all over the world.

The danger of a virus and the ugly pandemic of racism tried so hard to deteriorate humanity, but what actually happened is through the tragedy we held on to each other, we had conversation that we never had before and got to exchange going out for finding all the reason to stay in. We can look at the beauty of the times and learn from the challenges, most of all we can own this moment and be better than we have ever been.

We can surely take inventory of all the shocking things that occurred this year, but there has been such love that has shown and has risen from the ashes of the tragedy afore mentioned. Here in Minneapolis alone since the layering of events from George Floyd’s murder, the protesting, and the infiltration of movements as seen displayed not just in Minneapolis, but all over the world. The world came together and in one giant voice made a statement that I am sure would make George Floyd and many others proud. Companies pledged to be apart of the solution to help build up the equity and economic opportunity inside the black communities in America.  The community on both the south and North side’s of Minneapolis came through and provided food and pampers, along with other resources. There was not a store or atm for miles, and you had to travel out of the city to get groceries. Our way of life had changed in a matter of a week, and here we are two weeks later, picking up the pieces and moving forward.

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