Style Forward.

Chic and bold, like the best story ever told.
Evening glam

To dress or not to dress, this is the question as we have to find inspiration in the day to day. As the weather breaks we find also that we are torn between going outside and staying cooped up.

It feels like when I was a child, on rainy days I would play dress up, and practice hair do’s that probably  would never be seen outside.

The things that motivate us, are often simple and attainable.

Rocker chic

Let’s get dressed again, even if only for ourselves. To see the combinations and to experiment with different looks. The glow up should be real, and trust me, we all have plenty of time to plan.

Cut, style and Color

Sometimes even the most simple cuts can give an amazing  dose of style. Cut and color will always be key.

What dreams may come? Our wardrobe should prepare us and present us to not only the life we seek, but the people we are worth becoming. So, dream away…

Capture the romance by turning into a rose.

The delight in knowing that the beauty that lies inside is a total superpower. Own it!

Prints with a cultural past.
Bring on the braids and pair them with business chic for mystique.

The time for planning and pursuing dreams is now. Paint the story as you would like it to be illustrated. Focus on your best features and bring them out.

Date night will come again. Make a statement when it does.

Rock those spirals.
An elegant protective style can take you miles.
Representation Matters.

Summer is coming, I hope you grab a good book, talk for hours with your friends. Eat and drink well, and get plenty of sun.

It may not be safe yet, but to aspire to travel is still worth the wait for it, even if we have to wait a while longer.

Foodie favorites

Brunch is my favorite time of day.

Food should look like a rainbow, so you know you are getting great vitamins and minerals.

Chicken fried wonton tacos…

Yumminess on a plate.

God is so amazing, the way nature is so stunning, nourishing and giving.

Mood color..

Decor is important, when at home like we have been, we see an organized, aesthetically pleasing environment can do a lot for our mental health.

These lights are minimal, natural and practical.

A desk that stands out, without getting in your way.

At the end of the day we can all reflect on our blessings with gratitude, we can stay prayerful, inspired and creative as we keep moving forward.

Until next time!

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