Hello one and all, it’s May, and we can all see the weather change, go in another direction, then revert back. Summer is still on the horizon and if you want some quick tips on how to stay fit, see inspiration down below.👇

I’m going to add pray..

Also, ladies and gents I’d like to propose a toast to all of you out there, going through, we are all together in this and I am sending you so much love ❤ thank you for being here, welcome.

To everyone, everywhere.

I am still so inspired and what dreams may come. Since nothing makes since right now everything does. Read that again. I am sure this year still has some surprises, hopefully good ones. We shall all stay tuned.

How have you been coping?

This era has mental health issues written all over it, and who can judge? No one. There is a lot going on, but it seems no one’s paying attention. Just sharing the saddest stories in the world as if there has been no victories, the meanwhile, all us shut down. P.S. More people have died from starvation per year on a regular basis, perhaps we will become more faithful to God, after this.

Finding beauty in small things, is to be aware of life.

Perhaps the world is less a stage, and now the Truman Show, peering into lives, looking at cameras recording..Keep doing your thing, someone will hear you.

Things my friend’s say..

There will be no better time to learn to downsize then now. Billionaire culture has stuck it to the small guy, who aspires to be them. Stylize your downsize and tailor it to fit your life.

Mood: 💫

Well, what else is there..oh yes, food is medicine.

There is no better time then now then to start feeding yourself with respect. I am not here to judge, but real food, fruits and veggies, herbs and spices, oils, like olive, avocado, they are all your very best friends🤗🤭😊

Just saying 💁‍♀️

I thank you so much for hanging with me. I have a flash decor idea..one moment please

Why not pair it with a great staple, perfect for this occasion.
Thank you all so much for coming through, and hanging with me today. I will leave you with a quote, it’s tough love and I knows it, but it’s from the heart. So as we go our own way remember be faithful to God, fearless in your dreams and pursuits, and tenderhearted towards your fellow man and woman.

Wait, one more thing. Every one is excited for these battles online.

Well ya’ll this as always is a classic.

Ms. Lauryn L. Boogie Hill in Philadelphia..nuff said.

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