April Mood 2020

What dreams may come..

This mood board is inspired by what can be. All the things of dreams, or rather turning ones fantasy into reality. Only because dreams have a way of empowering us towards our next adventure where ever that will be.🌻

Self care

The way we take the time to slow down life and keep the sense of ourselves, we can say the world didn’t create. To be at home with ourselves, and alone with ourselves, is to agree, that we are worth knowing. Something other than ourselves can’t tell us, but we can be real with ourselves.

Bon Appetit!

Budget for the food that is easy to make, and has nutritional value, as well as delicious. Work smarter and not harder when it comes to meals.

Self talk🌄

The way we speak to ourselves, and the thoughts we allow to have power are tied directly to the way we feel about ourselves. Find peace and grow in love.

Get dressed!

The power of a look answers in style. Wake up and approach the day with the energy you want to get from it.

Don’t let society tell you how to feel.

Wherever you are in this world find a way to come to terms with your own truth. The only thing that defines us is our decisions and we have the opportunity to chose well everyday.

Summer is coming

There are so many things to do in summer, even if we have to social distance in the process, but who knows what can happen by Summer.

Whenever able, stand out from the crowd.

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