April’s Sunshine..A feature on Edith Head

I am so very into style, it is my favorite thing about some one, how they show awareness of who they are with the fashion statement that is made. Whether subtle or bold style, it’s definitely how you work it.

Edith Head was the most savant of them all when it comes to being a taste maker. Not only did she get her start in custom design in Hollywood, she one 8 Oscars for her dress designs. One of the most noted is the black dress from Audrey Hepburn’s Sabrina.

I suppose there is so much more to say about the legend, she was smart, sassy, brilliant and clever all rolled up into one.

It would be better to listen then to talk, when she was around. She passed away in 1981, but before she left, quite many years before she passed actually she predicted that, even in the 80’s a woman would love to wear silhouettes that were flattering to her body features. While Edith Head represented how to dress to make a statement.

Edith made stars, by the way she dressed them, Imagine having such a gift

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