Time and Resiliency

Time and Resiliency

There is a great deal of richness that can be received by just appreciating the wonderful history and culture of a people for whom are so ill treated by the world. Throughout history hate has tried to mire and extinguish the passion and spirit of a people. We are here, we are global and we stand a testimony to God’s grace in our lives. Lest we forget.

Looking ahead, I am pushing for consistency and patience with myself. Staying on top of to do list, and keeping my place minimal and stress free. Having financial goals, and not always volunteering to put my money in someone else’s pocket by spending unintentionally. Moving towards acceptance, that I deserve the love I give to others, deserve to be loved and give love freely. For future, I am well trained for the challenges, stay focused and keep shining bright my light.

Tea, coffee, wine, are great chillers, and drinks I highly recommend to integrate into ones daily, or not, lol.

I love that some drinks invite company, friends and conversations. It’s so simple, and often very inexpensive.

I believe in culture, and things that spiritual grounds us to our center. Eating vegetables, meal prepping, and the occasional breakfast or lunch out, to a great place. Like Maria’s.

Maria’s I have been coming to Maria’s for almost 15 years..one of my local favorites.
Native voices featured Artist in the traders market.
Local neighborhood papers, chilling at Maria’s before grocery shopping.
My cup a joe, I like my coffee black.
Dining, such a mixed crowd in every way.
This is amazing, can’t pronounce it, so Amazing is it’s new name. Shout out to the young girl server Christine who suggested this wonderful experience.

Maria’s is packed today, a 20 min wait to eat at this Columbian and Indigenous inspired menu right on 13th and Franklin, Mpls. Always packed Everytime I come, usually alone. I never have to wait, I always sit at the bar, not an actual bar, but..I get the best service. I try Maria’s every couple of months, but it’s a go to, for me for sure.

So on the note of groceries, food is medicine.

So…To prepare food that is nice on the eyes and good on the belly.

I love to eat international cuisine, always inspired by food and culture.💃

Cheers to breakfast, and brunch.
Teapot inspired.⭐
Dream spice rack…Spices are Queen!

There is more where this comes from, I am about to eat then start the groceries, then laundry. I have more post coming today. Please stay tuned.