March, if you may.

Well, I had to wait a bit to post again. Found out a very great person passed away and would be remiss if I didn’t give her honor, for she deserves no less. Tabietha, rest well.🙏❤️💯❤️

You truly touched my life sis❤️

The World is turning and burning at the same time. Keep the Faith.

I am not the only one grieving in this era, far from it in fact. This world seems to be going through so much, and we must stay faithful and prayerful in this time that no one understands.

It’s easy to get caught up in all the things around us, but it’s smart to stay keen. Wash your hands, don’t out your hands in your mouth or eyes while outdoor or in the public, or anywhere even. Take vitamin C, practice gut health. Move around, stay active, self care reduce stresses. Take yourself back from the world.

In celebration of National Woman’s Month.The White Buffalo WomanTo teach a girl, is to teach a nation

Sisterhood, is for those of us who know our children will inherit the world we leave them. It’s better to be intentionally grounded in love and truth.

I realize this is true for me, I am glad I am learning to get out of my own way, and strive to be a better me daily. It gives results and effort does reap reward.Spring basics, good combination, with a touch of the classics. In this era of my life comfort is key, and the cherry if it’s chic.Mixed Prints, and Cool cuts.For Spring, I see details, details, details, and I think it’s swell.💖

God is so amazing, I am a believer in Jesus, and with them I am super straight. Nothing in this world compares to the awesome power, favor and wonder of God. 🙏
Floral inspiration, nature intrigues me, and so does blue and pink as a color combination.
Dry Herbs, food is medicine, I will say it every time.
Dream like spaces, as an adult, I realize how sinister fantasies can be. I don’t day dream any more, I am a goal getter.

Flower bring the power of quiet glory, and is treasured all around the world. Cheers to flowers, cheers to Spring.

Curl love, it’s a beautiful struggle.
What is a rose, by any other name? -Romeo (the tragic hero)

Ladies, we are roses, and tragic heroes, are men we allow to disappoint us. Fellas tragic damsels will poison you. Look for the love you deserve and don’t sully your good life with foolishness.💃💯🔥

Live bold, and just live.
More Spring inspired combinations
The strength and resiliency that required when you lose your past and identity in this modern world. Pat yourself on the back sometimes.

In short and in skinny, I had to pull myself together and keep moving forward. I pray that everyone is inspired to do the same.

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