Black Native, the Copper colored, and Invisible.

The world watched as art was produced to single handedly exclude the copper colored Aboriginal people to be stripped of their land, culture, tribal name and identity. Some how the only stories that have been told has been done from a slave point of view.

The classification of negro, black codes, Jim Crowe, the slaughter and destruction of towns and residencies that were created from the Aboriginal people, all lead to the destruction of the identity of a people.

The surge of pan Africanist and the back to Africa movements further confused the situation. While awareness was spreading about our brothers and sisters abroad, further separated us from our own reality. That we were already home, “made refugees in our own land”, as stated by both Malcolm X and Martin Luther King at different points of their lives.

The reason why it seems as if we are trend setters is because we are. We hide amongst other cultures. We innovate process at our best. At our worst there is this deep pain of invisibility. Of not being able to fully express who we know ourselves to be.

Everybody can’t all be the same people just because they have dark skin. However, there is a tie that binds, a kindred ness a familial bond.

The world knows we are everywhere, yet we can see how wonderfully beautiful and resilient we have been. Treated worst, like the “darker brother”, referenced by Langston Hughes. The one who has to suffer while the world reaps the benefits and the richness of his land. All the same the world gets to prevent, mis use and abuse his way of life. Our way of life. For nickels, pennies and ego driven pride.

To simply whiten us, outlaw us. We get to the point where we have to chose to be responsible for our identity or assimilate to the one provided for us in music, movies, and leaders who work for change, and I don’t mean progress.

This month, of all months though black history is global and all the time. I just wanted to say, to all the invisible out there. I see you, and keep shining!