Work Ethic

We are in an era the cost of living is soaring, the wage depending on skill may narrowly meet the need of daily life let lone lifestyle. Even with the shiny images of people’s glow up on social media, it can be overwhelming to meet the need.

We don’t see the images as if they are actors on T.V. because the way we have learned to view reality has changed. Little by little, we have been convinced to believe that material weights and social pressures are worth losing everything that keeps us in touch with ourselves.

We grow distance as we grow closer, with all the access and technology, we are not becoming better behaved or more rational human beings. We actually deforms and become a commercial selling products we don’t believe in because our life style has become a trend for anyone to market. We sell lies that tie lives to a life of loneliness, no one is thinking about them, or if they can pay their rent.

Our accents change to side with the tide, we mock pride and hide on top of mountains the ego resides. Dividing the mind, personalities refracted, don’t remember which you started static, living in the madness of painting selves for wealth.

Leader ship lives well on an ocean liner built for them. They visit the people where they live to take the remaining cents from them.

Shiny suits shine in the sunlight blotting out the harsh-ities of life, living coked up to not see the intense glare of real life.

We social media an tell stories, and most of the time we lie. How much of it in court can we testify?

Get free…You are purposed, with eyes to see, the fantasy, from reality.

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