June, couldn’t come soon enough..


Welcome to the awe inspiring time of June. A renewed time to delve into the promise of summer. The heat came, and in Minneapolis it seems we rushed past Spring, or did we? I can’t say.

Uptown Minneapolis..and around

The mood for me is floral a beautiful blend of popping flowers that illustrate the wondrous beauty of the changing season. I will go on about my love of flowers, we have entered into it’s domain. Flowers never need an occasion, from weddings, to romance, graduations, memorials.

Be like this flower, as unique as you are/
iconoclassic: “ (via my vintage book collection (in blog form).: Town & Country – illustrated by Alice & Martin Provensen) ”

We all live together in this world, inside corporate and business infrastructures, managing our day to day lives, shopping and socializing and spending money. Our whole needs in a lot of ways are based on our over consumption of goods. We sometime measure ourselves against how much material goods we consume. We stand up straighter because our waste is greater. We don’t strive to live better, and freer or more thoughtful lives because you can’t compare your peace with others. There is no graded scale upon which we can be more healthy or more at peace then the other person. To have peace, we have to let our ego go.

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