Recent Happenings..Maydom

It has been a dreary cold start to May. I must say that I even heard local Minnesotans complain about the chill that has been hovering in the air since winter. The trees spring forth their beauty, all the same everyone is wondering why Spring is being like this.

Moving past the disappointment, it is a sunny day today, so let’s celebrate. The season will eventually change and when it does, it will be great. So let’s get into it.

The weather changed up, but we made the most of it. I vintaged at B. On nicollet in Eat Street and picked out a few classics. Saw an old rickety ferris wheel drve by, and on the first warm Saturday in Spring on May 18th, 2019. It’s like we are awaiting for the weather to return.

It has been a good season of collaborrations. I was very sad to see that my promo piece done as a artist collaboration was deleted, it was important, I paid for it. I do want to say that artist do need to collaborrate, but always operate with a contract, most artist are only looking out for themselves. It is important to note, that their is a narcassim that comes into the art world, an angled sense of entitlement that prevents progress. I extremely dislike the whole attitude of support me, but I won’t support you.

I consider one day my blog will be a forum for artist. I will not delete any of my promtion of their brand because it does not matter what an artist does, support is visibility, every artist deserves a platform for that. I am not the kind to air my dirty laundry but it is hard, to promote yourself, and to be taken seriously when you are a bit nieve to the game.

Well, we are going to say this post is one that fully expresses my disappointments, love and commitment to the arts. And yes I will call bs out.

So as to say I have learned lesson this month…Getting older..Shout out to all the Mom’s..And Dad’s that have to be mom’s too, I know a few. A lot of men don’ t get respect for not being the type cast, for standing up. Salut to the mother’s that create leaders and compassionate people.

Narcassim. It is a very important and great word to know. It is not a joke but a destroyer and it is running rampant in the community. A self centerness so vile that it only leads to destruction. I won’t even begin on how social media enables the normalcy of the traits of narcissim, but it’s such a horrible reality, I would be remiss not to bring it up. It occurs in various types of relationships. It devalues and disrespect, it injures with apathy. More should be written on the topic.

Art Authenticity. I saw the Met Gala, I have watched designers, it looks like streetstyle wins the day, it’s more authentic, true and believable. Show me who you are.

One thought on “Recent Happenings..Maydom

  1. Loved it,just read it and you perfectly captured the thrill and disappointment of this half spring/winter mess lol. Keep up the outstanding work.

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