Bending like a blade of grass..

When I was younger my twin brother stressed the ability of resilience. While it was true that life can take us from one place to another. The idea is not to be inflexible. I know a lot of my life has been on the go in movement. I have not have had a chance to get “used” to the same ole thing. I just didn’t have a same old thing. Life for me has always been change, and adaptability. I don’t want to mention that them who remain locally, think locally.

Them that are forced to keep it moving have seen various perspective play out in various places. This can be maddening, to be in constant movement, or even to stay in one place, trusting on your constance. It’s not comfort we should be seeking, but opportunities to show flexibility.

Mental agility is the ability to jump in, and not over think. To strategize and plan, instead of the head first approach, that often leads to loss, and time wasted.

So let’s bend to not break. Let’s look lovingly at change and learn that adapting is the reason there is not short kneck giraffe’s. It’s sad, but apart of the plan.

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