Inspired by the idea of Spring.

Nothing has changed in terms of being in a state sacked with snow. A sea of white powdery substance that illistrates the landscape cold. Every day battling this cold can be challenging. The commute of the work week, coupled with seasonal exhaustion. Let’s face it people or either grinding or hibernating, there is not much else to do when it’s cold and uninviting but to dream..and stay inspired.

The Narratives that are being created in this day in age seems to attack the innocents and wonderment of children. When I was young my dad gave me a book. The book was called “Countering the Conspiracy to destroy black males”. It was quite the title, the older I get. I realize why it could not be shortened.

Impressed by Wonder in a world that fears your mind.

To the woman of the world, there is room for you too grow and blossom in love. You don’t have to compromise or shrink small to exist. You don’t have to imprint the habits of so called friends..You just have to look in the mirror and embrace your GOD given place, again.

Booties will always be my favorite. I love them and they are versatile. I understamd that I always post them in inspiration boards..I will continue to do so.

Breakfast Tricks.

Breakfast does not need to take 20 min. It’s so important, we should strive for breakfast, and protest empty stomachs. The world might become a better place.

What do you think? Do you have any favorite breakfast combos..please share.

Stay thinking of ways to move forward, but first What is your motivation?

If you know what motivates you you would use that as a carrot for progress. You would conquer your dreams.

Start journaling your day, find a cozy space to express yourself. Make lists, play in your closet, and create style. Dig into who you were born to be and discover your own truth.

Deep Down Diaries

It’s healthy to want some alone time, away from the chaos of the world. Soaking up a good book, listening to mellow music..mental health is the power to take yourself back from the controls and triggers of everyday life.

Black Love, I’m here for it.

There is an intimacy in exploring ourselves through our own eyes, past lies into a soul healing that we needed for so long.

So satisfying to rest in love that mirrors the strength that has sustained us spiritually through the years. The odd sameness, the rejection of otherness. I regal type of love with an open maturity.

We stare at elders that have found their revlutionary truths in each others hearts. We honor their wisdom and continue a legacy of resiliency.

We dive in full of color embracing the dual stories that filter out of our expression of love..

We are poet, artists, dreamers, fulfilling our purpose through the humility of loves expression.

I was always very disturbed by this movie. The main character a beauty a talent and a tragedy. Made me ask myself as a black woman, what does success look like for me?

Books to read and Books to grow.

I’ve heard people say they used to pretend to be white, I was always fascinated, like, what was that like? The pretending part?

The soundtrack that got me through high school college, broken hearts and open mics…The one and only Ms. Lauryn Hill and her Miseducation album inspired by the Miseducation of a Negro by Carter G. Woodson.

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