Places I’ve never been..

The view from a place I have visited before but have only seen once. The time I had taken the time to pay attention. I arrest my thoughts, and don’t start with a re-buttal. I find that moments are informative. My mind opens like the cosmos taken in the stars in space. Standing here, I feel it’s my place. A place, the place I can say that I have never been before

This place of no prerequisite’ leave me alone in my quiet to gaze into nature’s distance. Inspecting miracles ever present. Foot prints in the sands of time leading me by rhyme to what’s mine. A contented notion that brings mental coziness. I seem myself surrounded by love fixed, hung on a wall like a portrait.

And it don’t matter about my passed conclusion. In though thoughts I was loosing trying to create and protect a movement that had started outside myself. Had to take the bus route back to me, examining familiar streets, I see the stores I used to frequent. Corners I have crossed a thousand times.

The as if waking up from a dream I fixed my eye on reality and it starting to mirror the real me. The person, I am ecstatic and glad to see/ Someone who had buried the secrets to her dreams in the prolific stanza’s of unwritten poetry.

Life is sweeter, in this simple space. I no longer have to keep pace. i know now what is and is not for me. I freedom of self expands before me.

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