Rules written down

2019 has to be a year of self discipline. It has to be where I analyze my own reasons and actions and take inventory of my passions. They are currently hid away to keep my internal space to keep tidy. The organized confusion when I bring out all my pallets and mediums. I have to work a year in my craft before I can organize another show.

Sketches in Blue will be a long standing walk of sorts. From one show in 2017 to another. I feel better about the outcome of my first show. It took a while to arrive to this point.

I realized I parked myself, so disillusioned by the loss of money on my first show, it was still a great show, even if only a few people saw it. The Philando Castro verdict on that day had a major impact on me. Going forward I have learned so much. This art meets world life is a tricky one. There are talent pirates, narcassist, and gamers at the ready. There are also creatives, free thinkers, and supporters in the mix. The idea is to find them, collaborate, develop and build. I work 6 days a week to support my creative space.

It’s expensive being an artist, you live to buy mediums, experience and inspiration. Some things are free, true, but not a whole lot. Prayer is important for balance, to clear your spiritual energy, to get back to purpose with consistency. This is key..Until next time.💝🎁🌠

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