My life is amazing because of the people who are in it. I have always felt happy about my lot in life. My motivation is to be more present for the ones I love because unlike things people can’t be replaced, they are sacret to life’s purpose, and improve my quality of life.

It is 2019, and as I look around me at the state if sisterhood, I am amazed. My sister’s impress me, they have always been impressive people who jump through challenges and keep it moving. They are Team Tuff, like our mother who walks by example, and tells us like it is. I have learned how to love through my sisters. I have 4, but three if them have adored me and showed my how to stand

independently, as they stay close in the background. I have my loving brothers too, today I have to be greatful for my squad. I never really fit in anywhere. I was born so different, I could be anywhere. My sisters always showed me that they are impressed by me. Truth be told they are the ones that spoiled me. My mom is a pillar of “have no excuses, its not a good look”.

The older I get I agree. The men, my dad and brothers, they are brilliant, artist meet scientists. The ladies are brilliant in whatever they put their hands on. My 37 year challenge is that my siblings all had a glow up.

My mom is living her best life. We are healthy, present and adore each other. I feel wealthier then ten queens, to be called to be apart of these numbers are everything.

Shout out to my clan, I wouldn’t be me without you.

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