Conversations with Frank..By Stephanie Mann

Once upon a time in 1999, Minneapolis had a poetry scene that hosted so many up and coming artists. The times where different then.

Neo soul was emerging and riding parallel to the “bling” era. Artists were clammoring to be scene and heard against the popular construct that was dominating the culture at the time. I met Frank when I was a young poet co hosting Redlights and poetry events. Frank has been a long time friend and ally when it comes to my artistic quest in the city. It has now been 20 years since we met. Frank is apart of a group called Edu Poetic, I have marvelled at their work for years. Frank and I met today to talk about an event that he is apart of called Poets of the City.

The event features a line up of poets and performer from around the Twin Cities. Frank is a well seasoned artist, and I was excited to meet with him for brunch. My sister Anita joined us and we had a round table discussion about being an artist, being visible, and collaboration. Today is a jammed packed day.

Collaborating is the number 1 topic. I am Sketches in Blue, my moms brand is MN Live, I wish to support artist by paying attention to them and talking with them. I had some frustration I was able to voice to Frank. He heard me out and countered my concerns with a opportunity for the future. Already 2019 looks amazing.

Check out Frank, Edu Poetic, and the rest of the poets of the City. Friday, January 5th at 7pm. Located at The Varsity Theatre 1308 SE 4th St. Minneapolis.

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