STEPHANIE’S pLAylIST August 2018

Social media has it’s draw backs and the list is quite long when it comes to naming them off. However there are more than a few advantages to social media that helps us as an audience understand what it, is how it works, and how to make it work for us.

We all use and create profiles on social media sights, in hopes to join communities that share our passions, whatever they may be. We use search engines to search topics that are directed at giving us information. This is a practice that  happens so widely that on your local metro, anywhere in the city and certainly everywhere in buildings people are staring down at their phones, tablets or computers. It has become an open market to sale goods and services and  it is also for sharing our data as well.


We are officially in the information age, and as the hours at work get longer or shorter it is important to consider that everyday talents do make money.


I search social media for inspiration because I decided that I am not done living my best life and that my best years are ahead of me. I follow a couple of different kind of vlogs and blogs, and I have been over the years. I have already done an article on Urban Bush Babes, which was one of the first blogs that I have faithfully followed due to it’s content, and it’s devotion to everything I love.

It was time to get real about my life and find out what put a spark underneath myself, so that I could actualize my dreams, instead of just dreaming about them.

The NototiusKIA is a vlogger that is full of personality, and most of all she is a thrift-er that can style. She knows her way around a thrift shop. Lately I have been into ups cycled fashion, mostly because the most loved things in my closet come from some type of second hand store.  She has great personality, and great ideas on how to style your clothes and create a look. I believe that fashion and style are important, but all your money should not go to it. It is important to learn how to style your wardrobe, and to curate  looks that are tailored to your personal style, not just keep spending money on random pieces just because they are cute.

So  I first told everyone on this blog about Ms. Shameless Maya. Shameless Maya is a genius when it comes to tech. I am sure there are a lot of people who need to know how to set up home studios and edit their films in post production. It is not easy to create content that the clients that pay influencer’s want, but there is a way to work with quality, and Shameless Maya has the best advice for the job.



Jayla Koriyan, this girl has reignited my want and need to travel, and by her own experience I realize a lot of these You Tuber’s have been working on their channels for over 5 and 6 years. They are consistently coming up with content that their fans want to watch. The awesome, most best-est part about it all, it that she, like Maya and so many others, is her own brand. She has created a business for herself, by selling wigs, doing events, and going on sponsored vacation. She is also a foodie so the menu is always going to be popping. She has a Jamaican twin duo that keeps her face snatched and keeps looking V.I.P all the way.


The next vloggers that I would like to introduce is Damon and Joe. This team met in college and shared a passion for traveling, and they have been traveling together ever since. 8 years later, they have traveled a great deal, learned more then a few new languages, and have developed a following of people like me, that has been inspired to travel. I love that vloggers take us with them on their experiences, because they are really developing and changing the way a lot of people see life. It inspires me to just get out and live.


The last vlogger that I am going to introduce is Violet Grey, she is an amazing make up artist/ designer. She does not come from traditional background, she literally made her dreams happen. I love her get up with me’s. They have make up stories, that I talk abut a lot. I am in love with make up stories. So, Violet knows what she is talking about. The first short I saw of her was when she introduced her beauty closet, I was floored, but all women should have a beauty closet.

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