If you love music, and find yourself day dreaming this one is for you,  Very attentive to the needs of others,you counter balance by existing also in a dream wold of your own. You love to create a space between you and other’s so that you have time to chill.  you  cam very well be the life of the party, bu the truth is you have a spirit if a poet, and a strong spiritual sense.


When it comes to hair, let it be free as your mind is, expressing yourself through hair, not only takes the pressure off, it also allows you to enter the room with power and confidence.


Having strong beliefs and spiritual values helps you to deal with conflicts in a very organic way. There does not have to be drama, you know this that is why by all accounts you make sure you stand far away from any messiness.


You love food? Explore different recipes to increase your pallet.



pi25    The hair that is carefree blows in the breeze, like the leaves on trees..


Mood tranquil and cool colors…



pi19   The spirit inspired by a indigenous beauty, and knowledge of self.

Style watch, for the gentle ethereal, but very real soul.



Emphasis on the dramatic yet the move of this skirt, also the skirts have a lot of drama and personality, in other words they came to slay and not to play.

pi4 Tops that take the lead in the school play. And looks as classic as Ms. Juliet herself.


pi5 Dresses that’s very structure requires a second look. Flair is there..


pi9 Mixing the heavy with the light is more than alright when it comes to this look, and season.


Shorts are competing with skirts, and doing a wonderful job, I might add.


Think Pink, you know me, pink is my friend.


We are talking about touchable textures, velvet is supreme with in this look.


Embellished jean, is the new best thing..

pi15 SO..Just look at the light dance off of these fabrics, fashion in the 5th dimension.


A flair for the dramatic, Japanismo


I really hope you all enjoyed this style profile for 2018/2019, for my soft hearted queens with a flair for the dramatic, this one is for you.



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