Downtown and Around

Well I had an interview downtown Minneapolis and expectantly happened on the farmers market.
Budgeting during this time comes with its challenges. To travel means you will get hungry at some point and you don’t want to break the bank trying to pay for transportation and food at the same time. I found an oasis at the farmers market that sell fruit really cheap, and one can clean up on produce on $20. If you really want to splurge you can buy yourself flowers for $5-$7. They last about a week, and the next Thursday you can re up. Also there is a hot dog stand that sells hot dogs for the low, low price of $3 and a dollar for chips, another dollar for water. It was actually a very satisfying meal for not a lot of money. The hot dog stand is out there every day that is a plus. The ability to see a silver lining amidst job hunting is a blessing. As a blogger I enjoy frequent trips to the library to read new books and see what is on displays, or even taking the time out to open up a classic, I am currently looking at three books. Cairo a graphic novel that has me hooked on the introduction of action on the first page. The Poet and Gabriel Garcia Marquez’s book One Hundred Years of Solitude are great reads on these ultra hot summer days. I hope this inspires someone somewhere to stay inspired no matter what life throws your way.

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