Out of Touch ( a poem)

I’ve seen neglected children struggle in school. Playing the fool in front of teachers trying to be cool…Where is the rebuttal when they fail?

I’ve heard rhymers talk nonsense for the coin. And they advertise seeking others to join.
And I see a line standing there..

I have seen a man love a woman and at the same time blame her for his problems, as if he got with her to solve them, but he act like she there to rob him, since she is there, it must be true, like she do the shit that man do.

I’ve heard black men tell a queen she  will be alone because she is smart. Not trying to be apart of building her up, talking racism and such.

Bullshit that makes the fuck rough…but folks praising this stuff, because they love it that much..I call it, out of touch.

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