Ode to the Fashion Editor

Fashion editor Diane Vreeland and Essence editor Nikki Taylor showed me a few things..

When I thank of magazines I consider the allure and drama that came with the editorials or fashion stories. I also think about the insight and deeper look at society from the point of view of an influencer, or even an in dept report of things facing woman, girls and communities. Societies were changing rapidly and magazines presented digestible information about what was what. It certainly was not the glitz and glam. The designers, photographers, models and writers at the direction of the editors created monthly issues that made the month comprehensive. I worked in ready to wear at Bloomingdale’s and had several conversations about body types, what accessories could do with an outfit, and whether it was necessary to spend the most when it came to loving what is in ones closet.


If you don’t love it let go, and revamp your style. Revamping does not require you to let go of everything, only that which does not serve you.
What is your style? How many people actually analyze what excites them about style. Is it scarfs? Shoes? Accessories? What do you own that you just love?

For instance, I am in accessories type of person. The outfit can be pretty straight forward but my main accessories never come off. I will just put them on over what ever I am already wearing. I also was so happy when I found my huge twisted hoops just to lose them again, somewhere in my room… I love, love my long dangle earrings with made with springs and stones. They were made by a Native American artist, I believe that they compliment my stone rings. I wear them all the time because they suit me just good. It’s my style, I feel myself when I am wearing them. Also curly hair. Since me and my natural hair and I have become friends, I don’t feel myself without my curls. They do not have to be perfect, but definitely, I incorporate my curls as a part of my look. I have no desire to straighten my hair at this point. So this is how I present myself to the world, and it’s precisely how I see me. How do you see yourself? The secret to personal style  is really taking the time to get to know what catches your eye, what are you passionate about, and what are your power colors?
When it comes to clothes you do not have to buy the most expensive clothes, in fact I think that if you really have personal style it will be too unique to be designer.

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