Style Finesse

It’s Saturday morning and I went to sleep last night watching the Fall 2018/2019 runway shows. I saw some shows that made me want to give a standing ovation.

Personally I have been a lot disinterested in major designer’s and also fell out of love with what I had seen in magazines. Me and style have known each other for a long time. I am also well aware that style is not everyone’s cup of tea, but I was raised with it as an integral part of my life. I can only in this very moment relate to myself, and hope you feel me.


So, these views are 100% endorsed by your’s truly, and believe me, I will have it no other way.

When I put together wardrobes at Bloomingdale’s, I found a place where magazine’s come alive. The bags the shoes, and also like the magazine’s they would very expensive. There was our discount, which I used to curate my freshman year at Bloomsburg University in 2000.  I also put together outfits for many different kind of people, mostly women, to the point where at an R-Kelly concert I hear myself being called Bloomingdale’s. The ladies couldn’t remember my name, but they remembered the service. Then there was White House Black Market, it was a place where I worked with a team of talented women to “Make women feel beautiful”. That is what we did when we style women, or shopped a guest at our store. Now I work also, weekends at Rainbow, and see that when it comes to runway they anticipate these designer’s moves. The only thing is the clothes are for a fraction of the cost. There are many kinds of Rainbow merchandise, you can check it out on the line, and around September 1st, I plan on doing my first Rainbow Haul, so stay tuned for that..


Lately, I  become a thrifter/ smarter shopper. I only buy what I really love and simply can’t live without. I don’t want to have everything, I just want the type of style that suites me to perfection.


I went the strangest route I know, out of all my friends, I took the G

ypzy road.. I worked in industries like retail, hospitality, education, now back to retail to corporate?..


All of this because I love lifestyle living, it’s the way I live, that is why I take metro to get around, because I always have. Those who know me, or have met me on buses having a conversation, it usually stemmed from a compliment, with style or fashion in it.


I often ask questions to people everywhere I go to connect. Those who know me personally know I am very, extremely talkative. I am both a Sagittarius and a blogger, content is important.

I would say my mother taught me to keep notes, a journal, a video and audio recorder, and to investigate. She had us going on assignment’s since Cloquet, where I met my up north family circa 1994.

I then became a poet, and could tell you of my band dayz. My point is, a long time ago I realize I could never be one thing, or do one thing, or stay one place, for to long. I was that kind of person, that is the life I lived for many years.

When it comes to the Urban GypZy brand, it will reflect who I am, and the conversation I have so often, as I go to and fro…

My style is GypZy it’s unique, and it’s my own. Influenced by the people I have met and the places that I go.

The other day when I was on the bus, I was listening to my Ella Fitz, and I had one ear bud in my ear, and the other out, because i like to be aware of my surroundings, I was sitting next to this young girl and I slowly noticed that she was literally acting out a whole scene of something that had happened. She was so expressive that I stopped paying attention altogether from my music, but could her her. I stopped, and took out my ear bud and asked her, “where do you think you’ll be in 10 years?” Oh, she was offended, she said, I was ear hustling and was responding to the domestic violence situation that she was describing. I heard nothing of that sort, but I wasn’t thoroughly paying attention. look, I am so sorry, I realized I interrupted a conversation, and that I was in the wrong. She relaxed 100%, and said, that i was cool, and that she was happy I interrupted, because I never know whose life I save…


Also….I have been so many compliments by sister’s lately, it’s a beautiful thing..

Natural hair is such a big, ole, huge deal in my world. I relate to it very passive aggressively..I passively love long term protective styles, and I have an aggressive take down and wash process due to my mini twist.

I have been becoming a big fan of sister locs lately and also curls..curls for the girls..


I come at style from a modern classic meets rock princess kinda vibe. I have this duality in me of a classic scholarly style, to the very cultural deep side.. they both come out. I decided that style is what makes me feel great. If I don’t love my self a billion times more in an outfit. I have wasted both my money and my time.

I believe when we dress up in things  that make us feel brilliant we can see our day shift for the positive right before our eyes. The way we feel is important, everyday, not just some days. We must learn to develop ourselves in a way were we are only attracting the best things for ourselves.. I am speaking collectively, when I am speaking about my self, and it can apply to you, the audience, I will just express that.

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