Beauty Standards

Here are a few videos that dig deep into beauty, where there are so many fashion events, and buzz around fashion there are a few things, or topics that don’t often come up in the main stream.

I love fashion always have but there a some topics that I feel need strong improvement in the beauty industry. I keep asking the question. Who defines fashion? Who says what is beautiful and what isn’t, and what does that have to do with what other people think?

There is so much buzz around the natural hair movement. It is shaking up the world and having relaxer companies have to rethink their strategies when it comes dealing with profit loss.

Though we are improving as far as taking our hair, and beauty back, there is still the matter of color-ism, and unnatural beauty standards.

Color ism is rooted to the self esteem of a people. With a social strata that says there is a color caste and on a scale there is a progressive lighting which gives those of a lighter safe a sense of undeserved importance. In truth people are not their Color, but there ability to do as they must to not only survive-but to also thrive in this world. As we meet people we realize that people have to tell us who they are, we can’t go on assuming anything about anyone, we can however take people how they come.


When we deal with make up looks and what is offered women of color cosmetic companies are still struggling to get it right. Though er had much more to choose from in the past, we still have a long way to go.


Hip-Hop and the youth generation has a world wide influence. Check out this artist from Lagos, she has a style of her own, as is definitely rising talent.

There  are black American t travelers  out there and they hear a lot of  what is said about black American traveler’s. While I want to travel more internationally in the future, I do my best to stay dialed into what is going on, black travel style.

A model on a mission…..

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