Youth Culture…


This is a new generation, the youth culture is out there, yet hidden in plain sight. All the music that is filtering to the speakers with a message that lacks everything from sentence structure to having a valid point. It seems like so long ago when even songs where considered a body of work instead of just gibberish.

The youth have to deal with having a digitized existence where everything is a facade and almost nothing has value, including the ethics of the day.

Where can they go to see what morality looks like? Everybody is wearing a mask that shows that you have to fake it to make it. What is love when we lack identity? I don’t know, it is hard to see growth when everything is so  unnatural.

It started  generations ago when celebrity started to become like social  leaders using their images to endorse ideas. It was the 90’s when we noticed how much the ling era of Hip-Hop started to usher in a culture of pimps and hoes. There was then no limit to what one would do for money, and money and not the message became the feature.

The problem is when it comes to money no can tell anymore if someone endorses an idea or belief because they really believe in it or because they are being paid to do it, therefore the money becomes the only incentive.



Everywhere we go we are surrounded by images, and music, that tell us like alarms and symbols what directions we should go in. This culture has it’symbols, but it is not so obvious, yet it’s hidden in plain sight. A culture that is dis-sensitized to death and violence,  to the point where children can easily digest destructive images that are constantly being put unto them.



So what does the future look like? And whose responsibility is it to provide what is needed to a generation of unicorns and spades.? What is the role of the teacher in this new age where in some cases even parents are absent. What do we say when we see that children have become regular parts of the populations being gunned down, committing suicides and  failing to hold down responsibilities that help them become able to develop independently.


The ghost in the machine

There is also a reason to understand more about the way that children are using the internet. What are they doing? As a parent is is your job to be nosey, and not passive. There are games in which adults have regular access to children, and it is deeper then a chat room. This is not the time to be passive while parenting. Be conscientious, get involved and stay aware.


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