Sun Star Style

This year is all about the cut. The way things drape, form and fit is very important to your style aesthetic. Because less is more it’s important to hold on to, and stay true to the classics. The classics will never steer you wrong, but don’t be afraid to add a modern flair to moda.. Here are a few looks I picked out for your very busy lifestyle..


Work life requires move ability, and motivation. You are motivated by your own inner drive to succeed you may have the spirit of an Aquarius. Straight forward and regal this sign knows how to show up with a sense of intelligence and pizzazz.


With love for things of the arts and culture variety, it may be a great year for expanding your trips to cultural outlets. It will be a great way to organize your wardrobe and to prepare for the friends that you have not met. There is so many things to read and do.. here’s a fun fact.

aqst17 Who does not  love a good melon, and look at all the wonderful things that it can do for your mind and body.

aqst14 Aquarius love to be about there business and also love to see that business grow here are some steps to keep your coin, and help it grow.


Lists whenever possible, as we head into fall we have to be Aquarius like and start attacking our lists. All those things will not get done just based on sheer will, we have to actually actively get it done, and don’t stop start another task until the last one is complete.

Cultural cues are excellent things to take and add into our wardrobe. Staying with the theme of the classic cut, we just add the modern flair by introducing Afri fashion prints.


Natural make up, with hair that makes a statement are all Aquarius will need this upcoming fall 2018/19. As long as comfort is key and you are free to be yourself, everything should all fall into place.


Add something new to your palette, try wonderful new deserts this fall, bake wonderful new deserts, and find your happy place.


Buy that very unique piece and don’t be afraid to show it off. That bag will be sure to turn heads, and sometimes that is not a bad thing..

aqst9 Dress up for a wonderful occasion dine and share your wonderful sense of self with those around you, don”t be afraid to create an excuse to just dress up.

aqst7 Outside outfits are just as important as the inside outfits in Minnesota, be prepared, while you have time and update your look by adding cute, hat and gloves. Whatever you do make it cute, you will be in for months, possibly nine.

2016 Nail Trends - 101+ Pink Nail Art Ideas Nail  it every time by adding a little bling to your design this fall..


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