Style Feature August Edition


It’s been a while since I have been able to write and publish a page here on Urban Gypzy, with life the way it is it takes discipline to stay disciplined. No excuses, I have been thinking of how I could say thank you to my fashion lovers, with whom I get great support. I also wanted to present to you my 2018/19 fall style watch presentations. This editions has posted my favorite runway shows, fashion week from Harlem to street styles from this past Curlfest.. So much is going on as far as natural hair inspired events and music shows. Afro punk is coming up I will link it into the page.. Just so much. Also Urban Gypzy will be an actual vlog embedded into the site soon, so stay tuned..My goal  is to keep my reader’s in the loop of UG culture, it’s important and sustainable. Right now it is truly just a vision to expand the brand to operate fully in it’s highest capacity, but it’s all a process that can range from watching paint dry, to roller-coaster speed and it is important to really become one with the message that I, as a writer am presenting to you, the world.


This will be a several page, throughout the week fashion mega edition. I hope to bring in as much social and holistic aspects of today’s current events as well, but strongly advise you to be prepared  to be educated..


Loving life, and the way sometimes feeling like the end of something, can actually turn out to be a miraculous beginning to something else. It has me reflect on the aspects of attachments and our motivation to keep them. Recently I have taken a part time job at Rainbow, when people come in the store they are genuinely themselves, as creative as they can be with the action. I notice that everyone has a story, and through style and fashion for a moment we can deal with the things of this world. I work with Maria, she runs the store so well, that we get compliments all the time on the service. It has been like a family going there, and staying long enough to have regular customers. The importance of community and service with out all the games. I know that each client walks out the door with a dose of love in the form of real talk. I see the importance of raising each other up, because everyone raises at the same time, both, all, and everybody, can shine.


So I consider this page a glad to back to writing about all the adventure’s, conversations, art happenings, and all things Gypzy in the coming week so stay tuned, more to come.


This weeks fashion will be inspired by animations and style, not to mention other worlds. Comic, but not really comic a cool world type of style. It could be because Afro Punk is going to be going on this month, but I feel style and expression starting for me as  super heroine, or hero type stuff. It’s like we are living in  a world that needs people to be super,  fierce, and most importantly, able to get the job done. I am curating looks that I think will suggest as much is true. I want to present the inspiration for the fashion looks before the feature.


So here they are..

awanI’m sure she has a name, but in this tale she is Sun Star, an aboriginal women from the America’s that does not take any mess from anyone. She is fiercely talented in the bow and is a healer. She dances and entertains, a lady of many talents… Stay tuned for her style story. Aquarius


awan28 Often misunderstood, she is a very deep soul who feels things deeply. She is a poet at heart, but does not often take the time to write things down. A drifter that is also a sharp shooter that aims perfectly the whole time. She will listen to you, but she can hear the wholes in all statements. Kendra Potter aka Skill. Stat tuned for her style story 2018/2019 Pisces

awan9 The one and only Blaze, from a far away province, she is gifted in all things science and math, and would be considered a whiz by all who comes to her. She sits often as a fly on the wall. Very punctual, and responsive to the needs of other, she is a reliable person to have on your team.  Stay tuned for Blaze style inspiration Aries

awan8 Sapphire, able to read you anyone like a book, and leave them shook. Often mistaken for someone who cares, she shocks people when she tells them that she is well aware of their calculated intentions, believe me, she says this more then once in a day. Stay tuned for her style story…Taurusawan7Ultra is Ultra cool with a flip mode, she is a conversationalist that is in touch with her inner  Claire, she will argue anyone down and won’t think twice about it. A genius at Law with a powerful ability to pursued Gemini

awan5Sweet and unique dreamer who  since of order can be a compliment to her love of the hearth. Salendra is gifted in all things food and home. She also is a protector of the woods and all things nature. Cancer Stay tuned for her style story.

awan29.pngDeeply passionate and sensitive, this lady Golden Fiya can either gently warm you with attention and affection, or blaze you up with her ferocity, there is a deep sweetness that is strongly protected by her ability to torch you at any minute. The life of the party and lady boss who is always in control. Stay tuned for her 2018/19 style story.

awan26 Dahlia, a beautiful flower, well organized, and happiest when helping others, she has an element of surprise in what ever she does, often the best planner for events and occasions, she leaves no stone un turned.

awan21 Chloe, she is a business  woman that is after  anyone’s own heart. She gives bedazzling presentations, and can solve the operations problems anywhere. She is detailed down to the smallest movable part. She is scrupulous. Expensive but worth the investment, is her motto.  Stay tuned to her Style story Libra

awan23Zaire, she is brilliant, and quick, often moving to fast to be seen, she holds a level of anonymity few can understand. A master craftswomen that knows quality when she sees it.

Awesomeanime Storm… More than just a pretty face, but a force of nature. Cool and abstract, conversationalist that holds more power than she would ever suggest. A leader and formidable opponent. Stay tuned for the style story Sagittarius.


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    1. I was so inspired by your comment. You really held a key to a positive, as far as my blog goes. Thank you for stopping by, I hope you feel free to visit anytime you like. Follow, click and share, a sister needs all the help I can get, lol. Thank you truly. Have a blessed day!

      Stephanie Mann


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