June Look Book 2018


Libraries will always be the best places to get creative inspiration. I believe we should stay inspired, and continue to read as much as possible. There are wonderful hidden gems in a book, and it will be a shame to let all that wisdom go to waste.

may23 healtht w

Have you ever heard the term “food is medicine”, it’s true. Nature gives us natural anti biotics, and it comes in the form of food. I will always feature this medicine.


Khalil Gibran is one of my favorite writers. I have had the heartbreak of losing a book of his greatest works, some years ago, when my apartment flooded. I can still remember the story The Prophet. I love classics, I wanted to shout out Khalil Gibran on this writer’s corner.

A conversation about race from a Native American perspective. I believe that there are gems in this documentary, it is featured on YouTube. Please feel free to expand your mind and check it out.



Head wraps have been in style for years, but with the natural hair movement has created such momentum that that the accessibility has increased. Ladies all over the world get to talk, snap, chat, and share ideas that inspire all the wonderful looks that we have been seeing lately. It is a very important time indeed….


There is this conversations in Hip-Hop about what it is morphing into. Those that have learned to become inspired by both the beats but the artistry of the rhyme, not to mention the relevance, can see it fading. Before Hip-Hop became a commercial and a aspiring designers wet dream, we actually saw street style in it’s organic and creative form. It is so heartbreaking to see how Hip-Hop has been not only bought and sold, but also corrupted. It’s hard to listen, but I know that there is that MC, that has not given up, that stays invested to molding the craft, in a now invisible world of righteousness..

may236Nina and James

James BaldwinJames Baldwin > Quotes


James Baldwin quotes (showing 1-30 of 972)

“You think your pain and your heartbreak are unprecedented in the history of the world, but then you read. It was books that taught me that the things that tormented me most were the very things that connected me with all the people who were alive, who had ever been alive.”
James Baldwin

When it came to writing protest music they were no doubt essential to the cause. He a profound writer that dared to look racism and hate straight in the eye. With his words he created such content that he is still quoted by scholars and visionaries to this day. She a multi talented songstress that create power with her voice. She herself was a full instrument she played with both eloquence and emotion. My favorite is Sinner man…

may235 Celia Cruz

Celia Cruz was considered the Queen of Salsa, she was also a Cuban exile that had a penchant for the feel of her homeland. She is and was a true rock star.


may234Donyale Luna

An enigmatic model, that no one really knew or understood. She would create stories of her background to give her self a since of exoticism. She had the crowed at hello, her looks resembled that of the ancient queen of Tel Armana, Nefertiti.


Lauryn Hill

“It’s funny how money changes situations”, She said and it took us years to understand. Lauryn Hill is apart of the master’s and has been since she stepped on the scene. More than impressive, beautiful, and talented. She has a truth that is both sobering and resounding. The type of person that can make one happy that they exist in this world.


New Artist Spotlight


I look for hidden gems ya’ll, and I love Jazz, she is going places..





may2316 Lace and Leather

may2315 Off  the shoulder top and stressed jeans


Flora and baskets to hold flora in..


Hot date..cool style, white, printed and sexy..


Statement everything, everything is a statement..






Get out and travel………..See the world


may23 wrap up

Another style, so, yes, June head wraps, many colors, stay cool..


Natural cool hairstyles for girls…I love protective styles.


Summary in case you missed it..





Flower…and be in full bloom this June













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