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4153 W Broadway Ave, Robbinsdale,MN 55422

I finally found a place that sells fried bean curd with veggies. I have not had it since my Mall of America days in the late  90’s. Cantonese Garden, I found you..and aside from the Tacos (crunchy chicken or fish) and goat meat, you are my favorite. I am really happy I can add the bean curd dish back to the list.  20180608_140427

Last day of school at Como Park High School… I spent the last three days of school at Como Park High school. I found it to be an ideal place to end the year. I met Theresa Neale who was a strong leader at the school as Principal, though she was retiring at the end of the year, you could still feel the love from what she had establish during her tenure at the school. I was told under her leadership that students where cared for, and that she helped create a nurturing environment. Como High School is the most diverse school in the State of Minnesota. It also has students that speak over 72 different languages, all under one roof. It’s support staff Mr. Williams and Mr. Williams Jr. (the chips) gave me an awesome reception, and Chanteyll kept me on my feet as far as issues that dramatically and disproportionately affect students of color. I was also able through this St. Paul hook up, meet and talk with Yusef Mgeni, a strong leader in the St. Paul school system and a friend of my dads…What a week.


There are so many things that go on in the news and as I have conversations with strangers, and passers by we get to give our opinion on the topics. Lately we see that Kim Kardashian has the magic touch when it comes to talking Trump into granting clemency to a grandmother who was in prison on a drug charge. I wonder what was different from all the other advocate that sought justice in prison reform, and brought the same issues to light. Hollywood must have real political power, because movements that seem to get attention are being sponsored by celebrities. Perhaps we have been going about this education thing all wrong, perhaps not. we are truly living in some difficult times. Michelle Alexander comes to mind..

In other news mental health is a rising topic that is on the media’s radar. With the recent deaths of celebrities that have been determined to have been caused by self inflicted wounds, we find a great deal of sympathy circulating around the internet. I also question this because it seems that celebrities have been self destructing since the creation of tinsel town. However, veterans, and citizens of color that have been terrorized for so long that have to create platforms to insist that their lives matter , and the issues still brushed aside as a movement. The killings that happen by school shooters, and other shooter’s have not been enough proof that the conditions of our culture has become a death culture. I also came across some Japanese fashions and other fashions that actually promote death and darkness. Most movies and television shows also feature the duo death and violence…Is anyone paying attention?


Rise and grind…. The summer is upon us and this is the time to really accomplish what Winter would not permit. I suggest that you swim as much as possible, frequent farmer’s markets, take long walks around bodies of water…Take advantage of fruits and veggies that are in season. Chill outside  with your crew as much as possible, and plan a trip to the Caribbean by the first snow.


It is also storm season, my heart goes out to Puerto Rico and every other coastal area and non coastal area that has been crushed by horrible storms. It is easy to get caught up in our comforts and forget that people are struggling to get a hold of basics, underclothes, socks and shoes, sweaters, jackets, blankets and non perishables. They may even need crisis help as the sadness that grips these areas have people thinking not so healthy thoughts. I am asking that we continue to both support either financially, through donations, or even prayers, and do not forget about the community of people around you that really need your support.


The times indeed are changing, we have so much access to media and information that it can be overwhelming. Lately I have been doing a lot of sold searching and asking myself  many questions. I have become very aware of how being so wrapped up in technology can take my eyes off of the blessings of the nature that is around me. Waste and consumption are not even a conversation in the world of social media. There is always a drive and a push to consume more, bigger and better. I have learned through life’s ups and down’s that it is not good to be attached to following the Jones’s In fact it is better to monitor one’s own habits, and budget, and inventory of things you own. It may be that for some that it is time to upgrade, for others it may be a time to pull back, either way do so sustain ably and try not to be a waster, or to even pollute for that matter. Strive to be conscious of the fact that you are a citizen of the world, and all in nature need heed the call.


Don’t forget to wake up and smell the coffee or tea, the world is depending on you to be amazing.



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