Hidden Gems

When I first started to create Urban Gypzy, my aim was to articulate what has been my life. With my love of magazines it only seemed fitting to be able to offer the same aesthetic to my reader’s, because after all, style is and always will be important.

There is a style to everything, there is a style to life. I deeply want to go there and explore different lifestyles. I venture in the Twin Cities and have a great deal of conversations travelling the metro. Therefore, through both people and places I travel the world. The world looks much different through the eye sight of others. Everyone has their own rhythm, sometimes we have to settle down so that we can hear it.

I have had a lot off epiphanies as well, about love, life and the pursuit of happiness, since I am no longer wishing to be a paid fool.


One of  my epiphanies was about boundaries. Boundaries are important to have in all relationships. Within your boundaries you can set up a place comfortable to you, and all guests have to respect your personal space, and your “no”. I could expand on it, but it seems one has to actually be aware of who they are to know where there boundaries stand.

Second Epiphany.. Remember you…Go back in time if you have to, remember what moves you, guides you, and causes you joy. It is important to develop a new culture around that. Joy is so important. Stress comes to age us prematurely, and it is horrible on the skin. To be able to find and establish personal space and get back to the basics, when it comes to knowing one’s self it is essential for mental and spiritual health.

Third Epiphany..Create a look…Style is important, invest in yourself, your style, that cute look you have been eyeballing. Go get that style and be pleased that you look good. Everyone deserves to love how they look. It is important to be able to look in the mirror, and say, “Hey, I like that.”


Take yourself out to lunch, breakfast or dinner. Do not wait for in invitation to walk around the lake, go to that thrift shop, or take a short trip to St. Croix or any other spot, or space that allows you the chicness of a vacation, and the vastness of nature..all pluses, if you ask me.

 by Stephanie Mann

It’s time to live well, and think well, and speak well of other’s. It is actually time to assume the important job of being human beings, but it all starts with self care.

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