The Fine Print


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I have always loved the idea of superheroes, they always seem to come through at the last minute when all hope is lost. Something about the resilience of the human spirit in uncertain times creates a motion so great that the power of it’s might is blinding. There is a superhero in all of us. Somewhere deep down we all look around at our world and our communities and we find fault or discrepancies, and most of us only have the urge to complain. I get it, we are comfortable, because we have lives to balance, and certainly because everything seems to be moving way too fast. I advocate for love and responsibility at this moment. At each opportunity to be available to extend love and encouragement to the next person, or any persons you may meet. I am changed always because I am guided by my love of the being, life and walk of Jesus Christ. I love so much that he was a humble man, a wise man, and devoted to the will of his Father. The sacrifice and the price paid humbles me into praise, and helps me to see that there is power in being good hearted, caring, understanding. and compassionate.

I maintain if in times you want to complain, gripe or be a ” Hollywood House Wife, or Husband”, consider this, everyday people are living and giving their all just to exist. There are hidden wars that people fight everyday. There is truth in everybody’s story. Who are any of us to judge when we stand in no position to do so. The whole “Glass House”, example comes to mind.

We are all we got, as the community and village we can do better. it does not take a leader or an election season to realize that we are all responsible for the way this world looks. It’s time to read the fine print, and be responsible for what we know. Represent our good manners, so to speak, and be diligent in changing the things that don’t work for the village. Later for the nagging, the times require your attention.


Stephanie Mann

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