October has always been my favorite month out of all the Fall months because of what it gives me. Every year since I can remember the mystery of October has alluded me. I naturally fall into a more introspective mind state, I really get genuinely excited because it is a time, possibly because of the weather change, to cuddle up with a warm blanket, great coffee or tea, and just look at stuff. I look at articles, read parts of books, social media, and write more comfortably with the introduction of this month. I love fashion so layering becomes key, boot season and all, with the entourage of jackets. I love to see people and how they put their styles together, I shop boots off of people, and compliment sweaters, I am a sweater person.. I also decide at this time what next year’s prospects look like, and what I want to do for next season.arte de all

When I worked retail, always received the catalog for the next season, the floor plans, the story behind the season’s trends. I loved the way fashion walked into the season and decorated the minds of women, as they went about conquering their lives in style.

stephanie print

I also get, however an ominous feeling, every year, as the weather changes. The homeless are people too. In this economic culture of increase, I suppose it is hard to think about the people who do not benefit from all the pleasures and luxuries of life. In taking off a year to pursue my dreams I realized the reality of not really being full time in my work, to contract, and to find my way to economic security in my own right has shown me what it is like with certain comforts that most take for granted. Also, the way some people can be so apathetic to that fact that everyone has the same basic needs. The society has told the story that some people deserve more special products for their needs, while other’s have none at all. As a global citizen, I walk a fine line between my cosmopolitan taste and lifestyle vs. the dire need to have some kind of reasonable way to dialogue about things that are key to our society and its ugly issues.


Urban Gypzy is also going back to the drawing board this month, I am recruiting new players, and making real changes to improve the quality of this blog and the stories that it features. I am excited, I found a group that has built into their framework the Urban Gypzy brand. So yes, October, October…I am so much of a dreamer, and a planner. At some point I do want to further dialogue about this process, because I believe in sharing the wealth.

There is this very unhealthy attitude that I have been encountering and it is really starting to get under my skin. In this era where we have seen artist participate in benefits, and events, to seem community orientated, but no one actually sponsoring other artist from their community. There is this captain of the sea mentality, that plays itself out year after year, as the same artist are recycled over and over, and no new artists are being introduced. Lack of resources, if you are in artist, you probably are struggling for your art, art cost. It cost to make art, and the time cost too. People may not think they need artist, but Instagram and Facebook, and every other social media sells not because of their literature, but for their visual content, i.e. artist.

20170224_160830 (2)

Short change- I have noticed this month, that it is easy to short change the cities we live in if we only frequent gentrified spots. In the era of gentrification we see an influx in a lifestyle that looks more borrowed then owned. Art to me is the most authentic expression of self, but the in capitalism, its role is much more sinister. It divides, and chooses whose story to tell based on how trendy the image is, the follows, the likes, for easy money. People stop saying what people need to hear, and start saying what people want to hear.

Issa Rae said something that changed my life.. It is not important to network up, when you know how to network across.

Urban Gypzy considers all things mentioned above, and sets to turn the page on dated thinking, to be a source for innovation, education,, expression, and real talk, sorry folks that is all that I got.


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