Upside down world

Lately while working in an after school program with 4th and 5th graders, and I notice some behaviors between both staff and students that have become disconcerting. I wanted to present my observations in a form of conversation not just criticize. I notice that their is starting to be more and more leniency when it comes to students behavior. It also seems that this generation is getting very sensitive about accepting that their are consequences to their actions. When does knowing about a students situation or issue start to actually cripple a student to believe that their behavior is justified because they are feeling upset that they did not get their way. I am seeing so many students of color that have learned to use their genius asking sarcastic and disrespectful questions to teaching staff, but when it comes to asking questions about their work they have no interest. I am not sure what is teaching students that it is better to take class time to ask inappropriate questions, or create an environment where every staff member has to be concentrated on the behaviors of some, but not the successes of the group. In my experience working in education the most heartbreaking thing was when a young Native American girl told her mother that the staff ignores her, but treats the behavior students as if they have some special privileged, because the students with behavior require more attention. it seems when teachers finally get the class squared away they are so grateful for moments of peace that they miss out on the quiet students, that don’t speak up, they in effect feel invisible.

Where are we headed, behavior become habits over time and habits are hard to break. I wonder if school officials, and parents discuss the trends they see in their scholars, and if they think critically about the habits that are being formed and enabled daily that disable students from becoming resilient adults. Resilient adults that learn to take disappointments and get back up, and an adult that works hard for themselves, and has personal pride in their work ethics. Resilient enough to know that if they can not find what they are looking for, they can create it?

In this Trump era, it is important to note that our whole society can see what it looks like to see grown men and women think of no one else as they make decisions that effect not just Americans, but the world as a whole. We are seeing what lack of accountability looks like in the highest government in the land, it might be wise to assess where the scholars are headed in terms of personal values.

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