The allure of the stage, bright lights, and live music, local acts, a regional blues coaxed with conversation. Travelling a million miles and back just to discover that in a lot of ways we already have everything that we need to succeed in making our city the city of our dreams. The scenes play out daily, as we pass each other by…Moments that make up our days as time flies. It seems that all that is required is motivation, if we open our eyes, we will see our cities are gemstones, marbleized with internationalism, regionalism, and an unprecedented type of intellectual diversity, working components, dreamers, and doers, so many experiences, wrapped up in people, walking libraries talking with movement, and pace, and the energy that one brings in the space.  I watch from the street side, daily conversations between strangers, that turn familiar after finding common grounds. Views of the sculpture park after dark, or going to see the St. Paul spark, I see my city as a work of art. Constantly demanding my growth, moving in and outside places once stomping grounds turns into places that carry memories, like the old Sears building. I still remember the car rides and the view of the architecture of both South and North Minneapolis, eating uptown, holidays at the old Dayton’s turned Macy’s now it’s just an empty building. Traces of my hometown changing faces, I have to try to understand it as it switches lanes and occupies new spaces, with lofts that create their own isolated communities, the Twin Cities, are much like an open ended question, I find that it is beautiful here, but sometimes you have to live and see the condition of other cities to truly appreciate this gemstone the way it shines, the cut, the radiance is a grade that is not common, in fact it’s quite rare.

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