Caramelized Onions


The moon changes phases and faces, and if you get to know the moon maybe you can get to know what it means. So many things make sense when we take the time to take things in. Breathe in breathe out, and let yourself say your thoughts out loud beyond the cloud of your self doubt, life may not be easy but in some cases we are able to figure some things out. I find that my likes help define me, the things that I am attracted to may have messages for me to see. Something out there in the world of possibilities could indeed be for me, and I don’t have to force the matter, some points can be left to rest, so just let those things be…if not for you, over there, where it does not hinder your space, cause you to self hate, because to be in this all the way, you have to get your mind straight, and stop the hate, perhaps demonstrate a proper way, to inspire another that could be on their way to knowing what they did not know before, and yes, you always have the option to open up that door, or keep it closed, like tight fingers in a clinched fist, however you want to play it, it’s your world, you name it..and be great with your decision, So claim it, be not ashamed of the colors of your name, it is your crown, and you were made to own it.

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