Natural Hair

2017-09-03 16.09.35

Natural hair has really started to take over in the beauty and style communities. It has been quite a journey for me personally. I like the idea of getting to know myself via my natural hair. There is such a conversation about how my hair is, what it likes, and does not like. I never wanted to be a slave to my hair, always spending hours in the mirror trying to make it conform for me. I liked to boss it around, and play like my hair worked for me or something. That worked until the relaxers started taking it’s toll, it was like taking my hair off the meds, and just letting her be herself. I did not know what to expect, I always had the option to just tell my hair relax, then just like that, she is bone straight and not causing any problems.


That was then, it has been almost 6 years with my natural hair, and we have since become good friends. I do not try to boss her around  any more and I try to remain attentive to her needs. No more ignoring dryness, or styles that do not allow her to flourish, she has become my full time client, and I am here for her.


11203626_10153224314928904_2222313719371882358_o (2)Now that we have this understanding, I maintain my regimen, I make sure that when I get my hair braided that the person doing my hair takes care of my sensitive areas. I keep my hair in braids or twist, for protective purposes. I love my braider she is good people, and always recommends oils. When I go to see her it’s great conversation, and she takes such great care of my hair.


I imagined that it was always intended that I would come full circle with my hair. As a young girl, my hair and I fought, and I love to just leave her in random ponytails, because she forced my hand..My hair type is also a thing, as unique as I am, and I really had to content with that.


I still have a trial and error experience with my hair, and it’s okay, we have a lot of time to catch up on. I just laugh, after going through 6 years of being natural, my hair and I have only just begun to get to know each other.


Feel free to chime in on your natural hair experiences, let me know if your experiences varies greatly from mine, or if you have always been natural.

Thank you for staying tuned, have a lovely day.

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