December Sparkles cont’d

Well, I wanted at least for the last 5 months an “I want to dance with somebody” party. Full outfits, dance music, hair, in a “girl’s just want to have fun”, mood.

This is what I wanted but not what I got. Instead I spent my birthday week, and vacation resting up from feeling both sick and exhausted, amongst other things

The word exhausted had taken on a whole new meaning. Everything was too much and rest was mandatory. Needless to say as I wrap up my vacation the rest was so hard to do. So hard to do nothing, limit communication, not clean, treat yourself, not do art, and just roll with rest.

I am writing of course to say if you are out there feeling drained, I feel you. Please do not feel bad about neededing to rest, it’s essential.

Mental Health

For the holidays it’s hard to stay focused that a new year is on the horizon. Buying gifts seems like if it won’t help, will it hurt.
The economy is down bad, and a lot of people are struggling just to stay a float.

Gifts can be many things. Time, attention, love, encouragement, all these are true gifts. Making things still count, and money may buy a lot of things, but it can’t by true love.

Moving on to hobbies and habits.

Habits are what we do buy default, on autopilot we don’t have to think about our habits, to some extent they may have more control than one would prefer.

Hobbies are the things that we work on that works on us. External use of mind and hand. A time spent committed to something that positively adds to our lives.

Hobbies are often shelved, hidden, and takes some kind of motivation to visit.

Sometimes to the disciplined, hobbies can be habits that are by default maintained.

There is this constant need to be constantly working on one or the other all the time. One must not have an idol mind, less too much thinking, then loathing can stagnate progress in an instant.

As mentioned preparing for 2023 started months ago with upgrading the wardrobe, taking time away to refresh, connecting with family and priotizing my creative space has been key. Gratefulness and gratitude even when things get cloudy, knowing, God goes before me.

Love is exciting, possible, and well I love to write to it’s melody, say word!

Thank you so much for joining me. Until next time

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