December Sparkles 2022!

I love the month of December, not just because it is my birthday month, but it is a month that truly embraces, joy, love the small miracles, with a dollop of its a wonderful life mixed in.

The inclination is to get cozy and stay cozy. I tell you what I went for a walk on a frosty day to take pictures of the frosted tipped trees, and the winter wonderland that was so picturesque as a backdrop. I did not realize how cold it was. I must have walked a mile radius before the cold was starting to bully me back towards the home front.

I did catch a chill and so went my birthday, but it was still amazing with family praise God!

Minneapolis in winter is the lesson of the season. The sparkle of December is found in being grateful for what you have, and spending time is always better then money. Great conversation and loving kindness from those you care about is solid gold.

May we never forget that Jesus is the reason for the season, pray for your loved ones diligent, love thy enemy, and know God goes before you in Jesus name!

This season is about spending time, as well as introspection. There is a need to change and grow. There is a need to advance in better routines. Hearts of acceptance, and a tide of community is drifting in. Thus will inspire conversation, great food, wonderful backdrops, breathtaking fashion, and so much more. As usual I have a few ideas!


You need to get out and be seen. So be the scene..For example

Foodie Favorite’s

Eat like you mean it, and love what you do!
Food is medicine, darling!

Decor, Atmosphere, and Ambiance

Copper Conversation- Captions From the Old World

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