November 2022 Mood Style

Working on the November write up was no easy task. While curating style ideas, the current events side loaded up with so many different updates about the world and societies around us.

There is a need to check the ego at the door and not be remiss, only talking about the good part, at best this Era deeply sublime.

While changes are going on everywhere, what I strive to provid inspiration, so that you can both live and be well.

Wellness is a wholesome word, but it breaks down into several categories.


All these different states can affect or since of being well.

When we are spiritually well, we have a prayer life and a relationship with God. We can sit in solace and read the word of God and eat from the fruits of wisdom, and slowly digest for understanding. In repentance and devotion we become new under Christ and find that the war is not ours to fight.

When we are mentally well we can deal with stress without developing harmful habits to normalize. We develop healthy relationships. We have introspection that allows us time to consider how our decisions affect our outcomes.

When we are physically well we are able to move and do what is required to complete the task at hand to take care of our day to day lives.

When we are emotionally well we do not hide from our feelings, nor do we use them to manipulate others. We can sit with our emotions consider them, then let them go, so they don’t become anchors.

When we are financially well we invest in our dreams/goals, live on a budget, care for family, and save as needed. We don’t live for money, and realize it’s a tool, and a means to an end, but not the end.

November establishes a preparation for the end of the year, it’s the start to holiday celebration, however with a recession looming it’s better to be thoughtful, than extravagant.

I am do for a wardrobe update. I rarely buy new, always thrift, I am a treasure hunter, and to the best of my ability I strive to live as simply as possible, for a quality life. I believe everyone deserves a quality life, that is why I advocate for it so strongly.

It’s cold out there, hopefully your space has all the things you love to hibernate in for the winter. Hopefully your space is clutter free, and you invested in practical meals like stews and casseroles to make it through the long winter.

Cultural Connection

International Beauty Standards

Decor inspired

Simplify Your Look

Skin Sense

As winter tip toes in, and the holiday season arrives, I hope you take great care of you. I hope you peace and rest is restored. I hope you pull out the things you love and work on them. I hope you learn that you can do anything if you believe and invest in yourself.

I truly thank you for coming through and checking out my post. Until next time!

2 thoughts on “November 2022 Mood Style

  1. 💕💕💕
    November allows me to really “root” into my menu for the winter. Stews, soups, lots of potatoes, and teas. I also love a good scarf and always invest in 100% cotton bedding as a way to sustain. This winter, my hobbies … needlepoint and homework.. I’ve been having a lot of nervous tension so my hands could use the busyness. Prayer is powerful! I love this mood. Thank you kindly!

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