Mood Style Fall in Love with Color 2022

October is my absolute favorite Fall month, the way the sun shines in the sky caste a very mysticle light, the beauty of the changing leaves, and the transition of the cozy moods, and heat food that brings warmth from the inside.

Warm drinks like apple cider and varied teas and coffee drinks provides a perfect companion when walking and observing the beauty of the leaves.

What also can be the elephant in the room, is that the single feels more single, and the coupled cozy up with each other to spend the shorter days together, ad the weather changes, and the cold arrives.

Fall is a family season, and ushers in all the holidays that follow in a grand march behind the Fall equinox.

Personally it’s also a very deep time for many, with the elections on the horizon in November, and all the political postering that goes with the territory.

Styled for the Season

I can say Fall style is the best, because it’s true, but this season I am working on investing in smart basics, and finding new ways to wear sweaters I have already purchased, because seeing all the waste that collects every year has me at odds with social media’s push to consume to catch up with the trend for the perfect polish

Decor for the season, that inspires the inside out…

In Deep thought…Cafe Speak

As I get older, I deal with a lot of real issues, dermatitis on my face that started when I was under profound stress, maintaining  my lifestyle as a single woman, and trying to live under my budget, as inflation humbles every dollar. I live as much as possible in a sustainable space. Grocery shopping once a month, budgeting transportation, and toiletries, not to mention birthdays and events with the family

Getting deeeper…deeper….

Not the hot topic, but should be..

The desire to be perfect can lead to neuroses as I make a decision that working in the office is way better than being trapped at home, thereby saving my creative space and increase my productivity on my personal projects.

[  ] What is this all about? Not just style, not just being and feeling well, but also how are we doing? Not just my own struggles, but what are the struggles we face when there are trend drivers, and a digital space manipulated by algorithms, facial filters, and an augmented reality that looks nothing like real life, unless we reference memes, or viral videos outside of the digital world, which feels strange, and somewhat matrixie.

As a writer I wonder if I too am becoming superficial and out of touch from reality since the audience that I write to lives also in the real world, but accesses my post in a digital space.

Fall, it brings self exposure and in the spirit of being critical. We sit with our things, materials that starts to mirror emotional clutter. The time is passed with a push to do, instead of rest, and the temptation to get another job, instead of saving money hits a weird imbalance that is hard to understand until February tax season rewards us for our consumer behavior.

I ask myself, who am I? As an artist I sit I’m a room and conceptualize my next write up, edit my Duluth trip photos that embrace wonderful moments with my sister and my niece. More to come on that. I also paint my art pieces and write in journals the conflicts of my heart which I grapple with within the lines of the paper. What is it now, mostly uncertainty and hope.

The current events from black women reporting poisoning, being followed by bold sex traffickers, the AI integration into everyday life, and the technology with a sinister purpose, not to mention an impending nuclear war, as well as the distractions that dumb down society, so no one talks about it, preferring to keep the head in the ground.

So much to unpack in the months to come as we settle in and embrace the seasons change. It’s important to stay honest with ourselves, our mental health depends on it.

Thank you so much for joining me, until next time…

3 thoughts on “Mood Style Fall in Love with Color 2022

  1. I always look forward to these pieces of sanity, sanctity, and sacredness. Digital space connects us, but your writing inspires something very real and non digital within. I’m reminded of simplicity, celebration and solitude! I too look forward to the warm palettes, and jewel toned textures, while making sure I’m not “just accumulating stuff”. 💜

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