April Showers 2022

A Touch Of Rain

The deep nostalgic feeling of Spring, a growing of new love and new beginnings. No matter the start, or restart, we must now move with intent to better places and spaces to sustain ourselves.

Prayer can assist in the appreciation that new things, as they aren’t easy; they are intriguing and if we are curious to know, we venture to find out.

Word wisdom

I truly believe this, when we find our place. Each space is tailored made. Therefore it’s so important we each find our seat. The council awaits!

Beauty up the place!

Kindness makes you beautiful, and happiness makes you lovely.

You deserve it!

The times are changing faster then sound. What was today, is sharing with tomorrow. It’s a lot, remember take time to slow down, journal, rest, eat well, stay in praise, and prayer.

And lastly….

Get out of your own head!


There is so much to discover inside ourselves, and the love discover will bloom beauty inside life’s treasures.

Thank you for joining me, stay in love.

Until next time!

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