The Spring has Sprung!

The weather is changing yet again as we transition into the budding season it is important to remember that this too is a process.

It is good to be open for new places and spaces that growth can bring you through. Preparation is key, and don’t lose steam now, your best days are ahead of you, but keep wisdom there to filter your view.

Our scars come with stories of empowerment if we have the confidence in ourselves to see the beauty in the struggle.

Preview of Themes of Style this Spring

I do it for the Love of it!

Beauty in Expression

It’s a challenge being a woman of color, even harder if you a labeled black and are subject to codes others may never know. What strength above par one has to have.

Cheers to you, if this is your song.

Mood Indigo,

To the Heroes and Heroines we have yet to know ..

Empress Price, look her up if you have time.

Classic and original

Mood Everyday, but Spring Edition.

Floral arrangements are not just for wedding receptions, buy a bunch, make small arrangements and put them around your place for splendor sake.


The mixture of vintage, or design neutral furniture can embrace the idea of a jungalow, as Spring tip toes in, the idea of green things is simply inspiring.

Food is Medicine…

Style Couture

Eyes See You!

Bring on the Style.

Romantic looks to remind us of the beauty in simplicity.

Rich color, fabrics, tailored and ethereal mood style to capture Spring.

With such an strong resistance towards black womanhood, there is a created superimposed superficial reality that distorts our image and creates room for misinterpretation. We struggle to be considered for our true value instead of the narrative seeking to justify our struggle.

I pray for the mental health and prosperity of each one who reads these words. Love your sisters and brothers, stay kind, until next time.

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