Marching In…Mood Style 2022!

Looking forward as we walk into March, with the intent that the past does not have to be anything like the future, and that’s a great thing, it means we learned the lesson and can now step up into the next level of our lives.

This edition is inspired by introspection and the work that lies ahead when it comes living a work balanced life, and attaining our goals. We deserve to see our ideas manifest in real time, but it is going to take work.

Everything has its challenges, it’s our challenges that force our determination to show up, when we become more because of the journey, trust God, HE has the best plan for who HE wants us to be.

Style Inpiration layered in Gypzy style

Eyes, are and should be a major focus to polish off any look. Sprinkle a splash of color to inspire Spring!

Mixed print, and Inspired by more color and different color combinations. Be bold and adventurous.

Pretty shoes are not just for weddings, they are for everyday, there I said it!

Yellow! Bring in the sun, and shine like your one.

Texture power with sultry colors for days were you need a dollop of drama.

Fresh face, skin care is queen, stick to the routine!

Streetstyle is mood, just own the look!

Don’t take no for an answer, stay confident and show up, and let your voice be counted!

Dare To Be You!

Use the the power you have and make it happen! Stand on the shoulders of greatness. STRONGE!

Self care looks like boundaries, great sleep, eating well, and finding ways to positively deal with stress.

Manage funds by creating a budget

Tell yourself no more…Spending should be treated as a luxury.

Plan, find ways to make plans, and execute them, even if it is small. Get used to seeing yourself execute as needed.

Promote yourself, your family and friends. Lookout for them, talk about their work, bring up who you support in rooms they should be in.

Express yourself, embrace yourself and show it incorporated as style, and work the room!

Mood board to take you through the Month of March….

Thank you so much for joining me, on this Mood Style March Edition. I hope you stay prayerful and inspired

Until next time!

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