Mood January-Feb. 2022 Mood Style

As we approach Spring in the upcoming months, the style inspiration relaxes and infuses itself with a cultural aesthetic. An ode to the life we hope to live and the people we pray to be. The times are heavy, and we are all trying to understand this changing world, the pandemic, the massive attacks, the violence that seems to be prevalent and everywhere, as well as the standard of beauty that exploits, instead of celebrating the diversity in what it is to be a sensitive, creative and feminine woman. This season, I wanted to locate and find looks, and mood inspiration that can assist in adding to your day, week, month and year. Let’s get started!

As the year begins and we stretch into March, there is so much going on as mentioned above, for some new beginnings are on the horizon, in various forms, returning to office, some are starting new business ventures and investments, some are moving to a new city, or just staring over after escaping trauma, to those near and far this is for you.

To get up and show up for yourself is the highest form of love, we can’t even say that we love others if we are not practicing daily, the revolutionary act of loving ourselves. Some may not even realize that the unending stresses, and pangs of depression can also be a sign of discontentment. I want to say, that it is our responsibility to put our ourselves in the best situations that work for and in hance us personally, if we do not, don’t blame others, it is not their job.

Find yourself in Style

Style is the best way to show and express ourselves, and the environments that we chose to go. There is an art to dress, but there is a mastery in style, when you own the look and embrace the beauty that is on the inside, outside for the world to see. even though it may not seem like it., this is not the time to be cowering in corners trying to be invisible individual, this is a time to sort-out who you are and separate it from your trauma responses, and then show back up as you, yourself, better than you have ever been.

Love in the time of war is Revolutionary

Love and embrace love, there is nothing more valuable than love in all the world. It is even rarer than riches

The Road Less Traveled

In a world that made our standard of beauty the opposite for the sake of its own comfort, later for that. We are now in a world of information where we are able to unearth our rich history and heritage around the world and grow more and more inspired every day. We do not have to accept the limitations that make others comfortable, it is time to call out the elephant in the room, which is the extreme insecurity it must have taken to try to oppress us in the first place. Rage against the madness by loving yourself and embracing the truth, and it will set you free.

And to think of how many ladies, and baby girls do not know just how wonderfully made they are

Touches that add sparkle to your day!

Foodie Friendly ..

Thank you so much for joining me, until next time!

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